“The story is told in her daughter Brooke Hayward’s book, HAYWIRE, which has no equal at describing the mix of show business and family life.”
—David Thomson


Brooke Hayward grew up in a family that was considered Hollywood Royalty (her father was producer Leland Hayward, her mother was actress Margaret Sullavan, and her stepmother was fashion icon Slim Keith). Her memoir Haywire recounts it all. A Q&A with The Tory Burch blog is here…

At a luncheon at the Colony Club today with the author Brooke Hayward.

#3. Haywire by Brooke Hayward (1977)

The lives of Hollywood stars are like fairy stories, glittering, glamorous and enchanting, but swiftly darkened by the pain, tragedies and penalties of fame. Brooke Hayward’s moving and understated memoir of her adoring but ill-matched parents – the brilliant and charismatic agent and producer Leland Heyward and the intensely private actress Margaret Sullivan, who hated Hollywood – captures the tinseltown paradox exquisitely.”

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